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GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda

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Reserved Names Working Group (RN-WG)

Agenda – Thursday, 15 February 2007

  1. Notes:
    1. Meeting is being recorded and transcribed
    2. Please identify yourself when you speak so that the transcribers know to whom they should attribute comments.
  2. Welcome new members (if any).
  3. Review and approve agenda
  4. Status of Interest statements - report from Glen
    1. Personal interests + business interests
    2. Liaison interest statements
  5. Update on liaisons
    1. ccNSO RN-WG observer
      1. Minjung Park (
      2. Because our regular meeting time is 4 am for Minjung, she will generally not participate in calls.
    2. IDN WG liaison on the RN-WG
    3. GAC liaison
  6. Change of meeting time for next meeting
    1. The regularly scheduled meeting for Thursday, 22 February conflicts with the Dec05 PDP in-person meeting in Marina del Rey, so it will be moved to Saturday, 24 February, at 8 am PST (11 am EST, 4 pm UTC, 5 pm CET, 1 am Korea, 4 am New Zealand)
    2. Two hours will be allocated for an in-person meeting with teleconference capability for those who will not be there.
    3. Who will be there in-person?
  7. Draft GAC principles re. the introduction of new gTLDs
    1. Volunteers to develop some questions for the GAC
    2. Questions should be sent to the Council and then from the Council to the GAC as part of the Dec05 PDP process.
    3. Questions need to be developed prior to 22 Feb so that they can be considered by the Dec05 PDP committee in Marina del Rey.
  8. Updates of Reports from WG members re. the role of reserved names (Members with names in bold font have the lead.)
    1. ICANN and IANA related names – Tim Denton
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
    2. Single and two-character labels - Mike Rodenbaugh, Neal Blair, Alistair Dixon
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
    3. Tagged domain names – Chuck/Patrick
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
    4. Second-level reservations for registry operations – Tim Denton
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
    5. Geographic and geopolitical names – Mike Palage, Avri Doria, Jon Nevett
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
    6. Names reserved at the third level – Greg Shaton, Dan Dougherty
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
    7. Other names reserved at the second-level (gTLD and ccTLD strings, Registry specific names, other) – Caroline Greer
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
    8. Controversial names – Tim Ruiz, Marilyn Cade
      1. Discussion
      2. Action items for next meeting
  9. Review and discuss grouping of “categories of reserved names” by level of difficulty:
    1. Least: low hanging fruit – relatively easy with minimal controversy
    2. Feasible: very complex and maybe controversial but workable
    3. Most: extremely controversial and may take considerable time.
  10. Action items for next call
    1. Tim Denton: revise ‘typology table’ and distribute to list (if necessary)
    2. For each of the categories in item 7 above:
      1. Finalize a brief statement of the role of domain reservations as needed (purpose, ongoing value, etc.)
      2. Review and summarize any additional information sources
      3. Expand the list of questions for experts if necessary
      4. Expand the list of experts if applicable
        1. Note that experts may not be needed
        2. No need to contact possible experts at this time unless questions are being handled by volunteers only; the WG will decide if and when to involve experts for the entire WG.
      5. Prepare (or revise) ‘straw’ recommendations for each of the following:
        1. Possible deletions of reserved name requirements, if any
        2. Possible additions of reserved name requirements, if any
        3. The need for experts, if any, and whether they should be consulted by the volunteers, by the entire WG, or both
        4. Reservation requirements for new gTLDs
          1. At the top level
          2. At the second level
        5. Other?
      6. Revise previously submitted report using the Microsoft Word tracking function so that revisions are highlighted.
        1. Report should follow outline provided by Chuck
        2. Straw recommendations should be added if they weren’t already added.
        3. Send revised report to the list not later than Wednesday, 21 February
        4. Be prepared on 24 Feb to provide a brief oral overview of revisions
          1. If you cannot participate in the 24 February meeting, please arrange for someone else in the WG to give the oral overview.
          2. Unless otherwise communicated, it will be assumed that the lead person for each category will give the oral review.
  11. Any Other Business
  12. Next meeting: Saturday, 24 February, 8 am PST (5 pm UTC)
    1. In-person in Marina del Rey, CA for those who are able to be there
    2. Teleconference details to be provided by Glen.