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GNSO Council Follow-up Meeting in Seoul Action Item

Last Updated:
16 November 2009

Action Items arising from the GNSO Council follow-up session on Thursday 29 October 2009.

1. Meeting times for Council meetings: Due date Friday 6 November. Meeting times to rotate.

Work group to examine issue:

  • Stephane van Gelder - Chair
  • Han Chuan Lee
  • Edmon Chung
  • Adrian Kinderis

2. Council meetings at 3 week intervals until Nairobi, then the intervals between meetings will be revisited.

- Next Council meeting MONDAY 23 November 2009. Time to be determined.

3. GNSO Work prioritization process

Work group:

  • Jaime Wagner
  • Chuck Gomes
  • Olga Cavalli
  • Adrian Kinderis

- Identify Staff support

- Adrian Kinderis to provide links or references to useful prioritsation tools