Whois Task 2 Questionnaire

Last Updated: 01 September 2009

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The GNSO's WHOIS Task Force #2 is chartered with reviewing the current ICANN whois policy regarding the collection, disclosure and transmittal of data obtained when a domain name is registered, and how consent of the registrant to these policies is obtained.

In general, these data elements may include: domain name registrant's name, address, phone and fax number, e-mail address.

The same information is collected for administrative and technical contacts. Registrant, administrative contact, technical contact, and billing contact are, for convenience, referred to as "data subjects" below.

Part of the Task Force's charter is to document examples of relevant existing privacy laws regarding the display and transmittal of this data which may inform the Task Force's work and guide us in our decisions.

Information (including links and copies) of laws, regulations, and cases responsive to the following points are of our particular interest:

  1. Must a data subject consent to the collection and processing of his data?
  2. Must a data subject consent to the disclosure of his collected data?
  3. Can a data subject withdraw his consent to the disclosure of his data?
  4. Has a data subject the right to stay anonymous and not disclose any data?
  5. Is there any regulation on the transmittal of personal data to other countries that is applicable in connection with domain name registration?
  6. Does the applicability of the law of your country depend on the location or nationality of the data subject, the registrar, or the registry?

How would the applicable law be determined in a situation in which these three parties are located in different countries?

We appreciate your assistance.

Please send your reply to: tf2-survey (at) gnso.icann.org

GNSO Whois Task Force 2

Jordyn Buchanan - Chair