Whois Task 2 Questionnaire

Last Updated: 01 September 2009

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The GNSO's WHOIS Task Force #2 is chartered with reviewing the current ICANN whois policy regarding the collection, disclosure and transmittal of data.

Since whois data may contain personal informations like telephone number and email address we are interested in your knowledge and experience towards your local privacy regulation and its effects on your whois policy.

Informations (including links and copies) to the following points are of our particulare interest:

  1. Is there a privacy regulation in you country which has effects on your whois policy and if yes what regulations are this and how are they implemented?
  2. Do you have or had contact to an local offical privacy body in regard to whois and could you facilitate a contact for informational purposes.
  3. What contact data do you collect from registrants, and to whom is the data made available?
  4. Do you obtain the consent of registrants to the uses of data about them, and if so, how is this consent obtained?
  5. Have you changed or are you planning to change your whois policy to suit your local privacy regulation?

Thank you for your participation.

Please send your reply to: tf2-survey (at) gnso.icann.org

Whois task force 2