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Eric Brunner-Williams - CORE Internet Council of Registrars SOI

Last Updated:

Updated 18 July 2010

1. Current vocation, employer and position

Vocation: Computer programmer and data communications technology policy analyst
Employer: CORE, through 31 August, 2010
Position: Consultant in the role of Chief Technology Officer

2. Type of work performed in #1 above

Oversight of CORE's technical program of development, policy analysis and advocacy relating to registry operations, customer relationship maintenance relating to registry operations, business development relating to registry operations, and development relating to technical opportunities in registry services.

CORE is a contracted party, an accredited registrar, and is a registry services provider to contracted parties, the .cat and .museum registry operators, and seeks additional contracted party status as a registry operator.

CORE is a not-for-profit membership association.

3. Identify any financial ownership or senior management/leadership interest in registries, registrars or other firms that are interested parties in ICANN policy or any entity with which ICANN has a transaction, contract, or other arrangement.

None, though I operate on a pro-bono basis, an accredited registrar.

4. Identify any type of commercial or non-commercial interest in ICANN GNSO policy development processes and outcomes. Are you representing other parties? Describe any arrangements/agreements between you and any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding your nomination/selection as a work team member. Describe any tangible or intangible benefit that you receive from participation in such processes. For example, if you are an academic or NGO and use your position to advance your ability to participate, this should be a part of the statement of interest, just as should employment by a contracted party, or a business relationship with a non- contracted party who has an interest in policy outcomes.

I have, until August 31, an interest in an ICANN GNSO policy development processes and outcome relating to the status of existing contracted parties to enter into registry contracts. After that date I will have no such interest.

I am unable to identify any tangible or intangible benefit from volunteering to participate in the ICANN GNSO policy development process.