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Archived Statements of Interest from the Members of the Vertical Integration Policy Development Process Working Group

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Jothan Frakes - Registrars Stakeholder Group

Jothan Frakes - Registrars Stakeholder Group

1. Current vocation, employer and position

Chief Operating Officer, Minds + Machines and Registry Liason for Top Level Domain Holdings (TLDH), an ICANN accredited Registrar which is currently passive with 0 registrations.

2. Type of work performed in 1 above

Management, Operations, Technology, and Industry Relations for Registry Service Provider and ICANN accredited Registrar

3. Identify any financial ownership or senior management/leadership interest in registries, registrars or other firms that are interested parties in ICANN policy or any entity with which ICANN has a transaction, contract, or other arrangement

I have a leadership role at Minds + Machines which is a Registry Service Provider for new TLD applicants;
I manage the registrar accreditation for the parent company to Minds + Machines, Top Level Domain Holdings (TLDH).
I am a minority shareholder in and an options holder in the parent company TLDH

4. Identify any type of commercial interest in ICANN policy development outcomes. Are you representing other parties?

Minds + Machines will be participating in the new TLD program, and has a large number of clients that are applicants for which Minds + Machines shall operate as a registry service provider.

TLDH is an accredited registrar; this accreditation currently is entirely passive pending outcomes of this working group.

I'll be representing Top Level Domain Holdings and Minds + Machines, as well as a number of applicants in my capacity with this group. All of whom wish to see no further delay in the new TLD program application launch.

TLDH registrar development may be delayed or halted as an outcome of this working group product.
Despite both of these statements, Minds + Machines and TLDH are primarily committed to there being a quality of output from this group.

5. Describe any arrangements or agreements between you and any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding your nomination or selection as an advisory group team member

I am a member of the Registrars Stakeholders Group, representing TLDH on behalf of Minds + Machines parent company. I am also participating in the Higher Security TLD and Zone File Access groups currently under way within the GNSO.

6. Geographic Region associated with the nationality of volunteer (Africa, North America, Latin America/Caribbean, Asia/Australia/Pacific and Europe)

--- North America (United States)

7. Stakeholder Group(s) in which volunteer currently participates within the ICANN organization

Registrars Stakeholder Group