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Election Results

Last Updated:
Results for GNSO Council Election for ICANN Board seat 14

21 June 2006
Note that some of the ballots were worth two votes; in the interests of
annonymity these are not distinguished.

Round 1 results

B0572e82ffD:20060611151843:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B1f400cebeD:20060613125029:[X] B1 - Michael Geist
B24ba6b0b1D:20060614200921:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B2d50444baD:20060615075003:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B32973d298D:20060608222417:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B37a9f2be1D:20060611214015:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B52e3e098cD:20060608083753:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B74923e867D:20060613122026:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B7bbb9e143D:20060613113258:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B7e34ad516D:20060612222259:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B816b87f77D:20060612063350:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B87354a987D:20060608104302:[X] B1 - Michael Geist
B92dccb779D:20060608204209:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B9cda7d84fD:20060612222910:[x] B1 - Rita Rodin
Baf2f7fc59D:20060608084128:[x] B1 - Michael Geist
Bc34abd143D:20060609125627:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bc3ac3edc3D:20060608082754:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bc5543485dD:20060613030142:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Beb3e5745aD:20060608084441:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
Beefcfa04eD:20060612154557:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bf278ff9a4D:20060608083726:[X] B1 - Michael Geist

(*) required hand verification

Everyone voted.

Totals (counting those who got 2 votes):
Rita Rodin: 12
Philip Sheppard: 11
Michael Geist: 4


Round 2 results

Votes cast:

B019ad5a68D:20060615100115:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B02dd2c346D:20060615220757:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B14f511e95D:20060621060727:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B19ec5c2e0D:20060615102827:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B377dcee24D:20060619022200:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B3a829a592D:20060615162709:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B47fc48f15D:20060615135555:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B5263da004D:20060615131637:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B5ca392747D:20060615102707:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B63664fbecD:20060616091740:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B7d83acb40D:20060620005636:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B7df6511cfD:20060615180222:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B8dc830639D:20060620231637:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B97c7053aeD:20060615145646:[x] B1 - Rita Rodin
Ba0c86fb26D:20060619111657:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bb0f88bc09D:20060618114007:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bbb64e0fbbD:20060615100357:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
Bbfe98ca3eD:20060621070404:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bd269bcc95D:20060621030033:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
Bdbae3f122D:20060621052714:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard

(*) required hand verification

There was one missing ballot.

Totals (counting those who got 2 votes):
Rita Rodin: 15
Philip Sheppard: 11