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Draft Plan for Bicameral Council Seat Transition

Last Updated:
07 October 2009

Prepared by Chuck Gomes, 3 September 2009 (Item 8 placeholder added 4 Sept)


  • Seat the new bicameral Council in the public GNSO Council meeting on Wednesday, 28 October 2009
  • Maximize continuity in the transition from the old to the new Council
  • Minimize the complexity for SGs in selecting Councilors
  • Respect the rights of SGs to elect their Council representatives in ways that best meet their needs while complying with the ICANN Bylaws.

Proposed Plan:

  1. NLT 30 September 2009 if possible, all Councilors who will be seated in the 28 October public GNSO Council meeting should be selected and the GNSO Secretariat provided with their contact information.
  2. Each SG may determine the term dates for its respective Councilors provided those dates are compliant with the ICANN Bylaws and their respective charters; any terms that are changed from the previously defined dates strictly for the purpose of seating the bicameral Council shall not be considered partial terms with regard to complying with Bylaws term limit requirements.
  3. Each House will elect a vice chair for the new bicameral Council NLT than Tuesday, 27 October 2009. (Ideally, this should happen during the weekend working sessions on 24-25 October 2009.)
  4. The bicameral Council will be seated in the public GNSO Council meeting on 28 October 2009.
  5. Avri Doria, current GNSO Council chair, will serve as chair of the bicameral Council meeting on 28 October until such time as a new chair is elected, at which time the new chair will assume the chair responsibilities. If an absentee ballot is required to complete the chair’s election, this will be a 24 hour ballot scheduled to end on 29 October. If no chair has been elected by the end of the Annual meeting on 30 October, the vice-chairs will assume the chair responsibilities as defined in the Bylaws
  6. The existing GNSO Council will approve the portion of the Council Rules and Procedure necessary for seating the bicameral Council NLT 24 September 2009 and submit them for public comment. (Note that the OSC GNSO Council Operations WT is preparing draft recommendations for Council consideration, which should be approved by the OSC and sent to the Council NLT than 17 September 2009.)
  7. As much in advance of the meeting as possible, the agenda for the 28 October 2009 Council meeting will be prepared by the existing Council under the leadership of Avri Doria as chair and shall include but not be limited to the following two action items: 1) Election of chair; 2) Approval of any portion of the updated Council Rules and Procedure necessary for seating the bicameral Council.
  8. Method for assignment of Nominating Committee Appointees to be added here.