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Jonathan Robinson Statement of Interest

Last Updated:
01 August 2011

Jonathan Robinson - gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group
25 March 2010

I am a current non-executive director of Afilias Ltd, an Irish company and internet infrastructure solutions provider. My position is subject to periodic re-election by shareholders.

I am a current non-executive director of Nominet (UK) Ltd, a UK company and the registry operator for .uk domain names. My position is a limited term (approximately two years to the May 2011 AGM), member elected appointment.

I am a director of IPRota Ltd, a UK company and provider of services relating to the protection of intellectual property rights and domain names. IPRota has entered into a contract to set up and manage the initial rights protection mechanism for the proposed new .xxx TLD.

I was a director of UK headquartered Group NBT plc for over 10 years, a position from which I resigned in June 2009. Group NBT operates a registrar based business model. I retain an investment in the business which is a small minority interest and below the threshold for mandatory public company disclosure. I retain neither involvement in nor visibility of the day to day operations of any aspect of the Group NBT business.

I have other minority and investment interests in small businesses in the UK that are unconnected with the domain name industry.

I have no other financial or relevant interests relating to ICANN or the GNSO.


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