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Andrei Kolesnikov Statement of Interest

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Statement of Interest

Andrei Kolesnikov - Nominating Committee Appointee

I started with Internet in late 80th. Since that time I was involved into all major Internet issues: building large ISPs, managing the marketing initiatives, running Web sites and doing business development, including M&As. My last job was deputy media director for Vimpelcom (NYSE: VIP), telecom giant in Russia.

Currently I am a director of Coordination center for TLD .RU, country domain administrator, a non-profit organization responsible for defining the domain registration and administration rules. Coordination center also outsources support and construction of the DNS infrastructure and core .RU domain directory and registration system. Currently Coordination center has 21 accredited organizations authorized to register second level domains in Russian TLD. Our organization is a part of ccNSO community.

As part of my volunteer activities I am advising Ministry of communications and mass media of Russia on issues related to domains and address space. Also I am a member of the "Friendly RUNET" foundation to fight child pornography and abuse.

I have no commercial interest in ICANN GNSO work results.

Date: 12 March 2011
"I am involved into preliminary discussions with few Russian non-commercial and non-government organizations whether they will apply for gTLDs, including IDN gTLDs".

Archived SOI (4 October 2010)