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Mohamed Rafik Dammak Statement of Interest

Last Updated:
16 March 2011

Statement of Interest

Mohamed Rafik Dammak - Non Commercial Stakeholder Group Board Appointee to the GNSO

I am a Research Student at the Interdisciplinary Information Studies, at the University of Tokyo, with focus on Ubiquitous computing, wireless sensor network and embedded systems. I hold a degree in Computer Engineering. I worked before as Software engineer at STMicroelectronics. I am also a DiploFoundation alumni after completion of the Internet Governance Capacity Building program. I participated in the online WIPO course on Intellectual Property.

I have joined Creative Commons Tunisian license project as Public co-leader. I am involved in the youth participation at Internet Governance and in the organization of youth workshops and attended as a youth representative. I am member of the remote participation on IGF working group. I have been involved in ICANN community as NCUC individual user member. I am also an ISOC global member.

I attended IGF Rio de Janeiro and Hyderabad. I participated at the first Summer School on Internet Governance held in Meissen Germany.

I have no financial interests in anything related to ICANN and the GNSO.


Update 15 March 2011

I am Phd Candidate and master degree holder on applied computer science at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies