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Archived – July 2017 | Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy

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The UDRP was created in 1999, with the goal of providing an alternative to costly litigation for resolving disputes concerning cybersquatting in gTLDs. Since the adoption of the UDRP, over 30,000 complaints have been filed with the dispute resolution providers authorized by ICANN. The UDRP has not been reviewed or updated by the GNSO Council since its inception.

As recommended by the Registration Abuse Policy (RAP)’s Final Report, the GNSO Council has requested from Staff an Issue Report on the current state of the UDRP. Staff conducted the research and analysis necessary to deliver a draft Issue Report on the UDRP for the Council’s consideration by the June 2011 Meeting in Singapore. The Issue Report describes how the UDRP has addressed the problem of cybersquatting to date, identified any insufficiencies or inequalities related thereto, and made recommendations on whether to initiate a policy development process (PDP) on the UDRP.

The GNSO Council reviewed the Final Issue Report and approved the commission of a PDP after the launch the new gTLDs and consideration of the URS protocol.

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