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Old Calendar

Last Updated:
29 March 2018

Dates and times are for planning purposes only and subject to change. The date and time for each meeting will be confirmed with the agenda.
Dates and places for ICANN physical meetings are determined by ICANN and are provided as soon as available.
Times are Paris, France (Central European Time). Paris is UTC+1 during the Northern Hemisphere Winter and UTC+1+1 in the Summer. UTC stands for Universal Coordinated Time, the reference time for all countries. We provide time in 24 hours mode to avoid any confusion.
For other places see
Archives (minutes, agenda, mp3 recording...) of previous meetings and teleconferences can be found at

Jan 8Transfer Implementation Committee teleconf21:00 (3pm, Washington, DC) MinutesMp3
Jan 9Whois Implementation Committee teleconf21:00 (3pm, Washington, DC) MinutesMp3
Jan 15Whois TF teleconf21:00 (3pm, Washington, DC) Minutes 
Jan 15Transfer Implementation Committee teleconf21:00 (3pm, Washington, DC) Minutes 
Jan 16GNSO Council teleconf15:00AgendaMinutesMp3
Jan 16Whois Implementation Committee teleconf20:00 UTC Minutes 
Jan 21Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC MinutesMp3
Jan 22Transfer Implementation Committee teleconf20:00 UTC Minutes 
Jan 23Whois Implementation Committee teleconf20:00 UTC MinutesMp3
Jan 28Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC MinutesMp3
Jan 29Transfer Implementation Committee teleconf20:00 UTC Minutes 
Jan 30Whois Implementation Committee teleconf20:00 UTC Minutes 
Jan 30Transfer TF teleconf19:00 UTC Minutes 
Jan 31Whois TF teleconf19:00 UTC MinutesMp3
Feb 5Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC Minutes 
Feb 6GNSO Council GTLD committee14:00 UTC(alignment work plan, strategy)MinutesMp3
Feb 11Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC MinutesMp3
Feb 18Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC MinutesMp3
Feb 20GNSO Council teleconf15:00AgendaMinutesMp3
Feb 25Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC  Mp3
Mar 4Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC   
Mar 6GNSO Council GTLD committee14:00 UTC(discussion of constituency positions)MinutesMp3
Mar 11Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC   
Mar 11GNSO Council teleconf20:00 UTCGNSO Council members interview 4 ICANN Board candidates Mp3
Mar 18Whois TF teleconf16:00 UTC   
Mar 22-27ICANN meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil17:00 UTC/18:00 CETAgendaCaptioning
Apr 10GNSO Council GTLD committee14:00 UTC(alignment on consensus view, preparation of preliminary report)ConclusionsMp3
Apr 17GNSO Council teleconf12:00 UTC/14h00 CETAgendaMinutesMp3
May 8GNSO Council GTLD committee14:00 UTC(review of comments, preparation final report)Final reportMp3
May 8Deletes Implementation Committee teleconference22:00 UTC MinutesMp3
May 14Deletes Implementation Committee teleconference22:00 UTC Report 
May 22GNSO Council teleconf12:00 UTC/14:00 ParisAgendaMinutes 
Jun 22-25ICANN meeting in Montreal, Canadaxx:00 Minutes 
Jun 23ICANN meeting in Montreal, Canada
Constituency meetings
All day   
Jun 24ICANN meeting in Montreal, Canada
GNSO Council Meeting
14:00 to 17:00 (local time) Transcript