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GNSO Council Submits Review of the GAC ICANN59 Johannesburg Communiqué to the ICANN Board

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The GNSO Council responded to the GAC Advice stated in its ICANN59 Johannesburg Communiqué. On the issue of International Governmental Organization (IGO) access to curative rights dispute resolution mechanism, the Council noted that GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) Recommendations will likely diverge from the GAC Advice. Based on the most recent discussions, the PDP Working Group (WG) is unlikely to support the creation of a new, separate dispute process solely for the use of IGO. The WG is concerned about the scope of ICANN's authority to resolve the question of an IGO's jurisdictional immunity, as well as the need to ensure adequate access to legal recourse for registrants. The PDP WG is expected to publish its Final Recommendations soon, and conduct further discussions among the Community at ICANN60. Another issue is the GAC Advice to address certain geographic names top-level domains only through a ccNSO PDP. The GNSO strongly believes that these issues are within the scope and charter of the GNSO PDP on New Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Subsequent Procedures (SubPro). A new Work Track 5 on Geographic Names has been established; representatives from each Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee, including the GAC, are invited to form a Leadership Team for that Work Track. This effort is to ensure a multi-stakeholder bottom up solution to this issue. Learn more in the GNSO Review of the GAC ICANN59 Johannesburg Communiqué, which has been adopted by the GNSO Council and submitted to the ICANN Board.