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GNSO Council Approves Data Collection Request from A Policy Development Process Working Group

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The GNSO Council approved the data collection request from the Review all Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in All gTLDs Policy Development Process Working Group (PDP WG). The PDP WG developed a list of data collection tasks critical to fulfill its Charter. The Council instructed the RPM PDP to structure the data request that maximizes the value and relevance of the data. Additionally, the appropriate ICANN department needs to timely approve resources for the requisite budget. The PDP WG is expected to report on the progress and outcome of its data request during the Council meeting on 21 December 2017. Thereafter, a written report is expected to be filed at least on a monthly basis. During ICANN61, the PDP WG will provide details on the utility of the data collection exercise on the progress and timeline for its Phase One work.