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GNSO Council Commented on the ICANN FY2018 Budget and Operating Plan

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In response to the public comment forum on the proposed ICANN Budget and Operating Plan for FY2018, the GNSO Council has approved and submitted the comments prepared by a small drafting team on behalf of the Council. Following the publication of the proposed Budget and Operating Plan, ICANN's Finance Team conducted a webinar at the Council's request, covering aspects of interest to the GNSO Community. Following the GNSO Wrap Up Session at ICANN58 in Copenhagen, a small drafting team of volunteers was formed to prepare the Council comments. During its meeting on 20 April, the GNSO Council approved the proposed comments for the Public Comment forum submission. As a Decisional Participant within the new Empowered Community, the GNSO Council recognizes EC's power to veto budgets adopted by the ICANN Board and the importance of fully understanding the funding and expense of ICANN's operations. Read the GNSO Council comments here.