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GNSO Council Supports Consolidation of Policy Efforts Regarding Geographic Names

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The GNSO Council supported the recommendations of the Cross Community Working Group (CWG) Framework for the Use of Country and Territory Names as TLDs. The Council agreed to the closure of this CWG. It also agreed that the ICANN community should consolidate all policy efforts relating to geographic names. The aim is to explore a harmonized policy development framework that enables in-depth analysis and discussions on geographic names, with participation opportunity for all. Specifically, GNSO supports a recommendation recognizing that geographic name use is clearly within the GNSO's mandate as per ICANN's Bylaws. After ICANN59, the GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Working Group (PDP WG) established Work Track 5 on geographic names. The Council instructs the PDP WG to consider the CWG's Final Report and to ensure continued collaboration with other ICANN community. The GNSO Council will now communicate the outcome to the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO), the other chartering organization of the CWG.