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GNSO Council Endorses GNSO Candidates for the Registration Directory Service Review Team (RDS-RT)

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On 20 April 2017, the GNSO Council unanimously passed a motion to nominate Susan Kawaguchi, Erika Mann, Stephanie Perrin, and Volker Greimann as its primary four candidates for the RDS-RT. Furthermore, the GNSO nominated Marc Anderson, Stefania Milan, and Timothy Chen to be considered for inclusion in the RDS-RT, should additional places be available. These seven candidates were among the 14 applicants that requested GNSO endorsement for their participation. The GNSO Standing Selection Committee (SSC) carried out the review and selection of the candidates, and submitted its full consensus recommendations and the ranking of the candidates to the Council. Recognizing the importance and relevance of the topics under consideration for the GNSO Community, the SSC recommends the highest ranked four primary candidates with a guaranteed seat for the RDS-RT, instead of only three as per new ICANN Bylaws. If selected for the RDS-RT, the candidates will represent the views of the entire GNSO community and provide regular feedback as a group on the discussions taking place in the RDS-RT.