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GNSO Directs Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance to Explore New Model for Community Collaboration

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On 24 August 2017, the GNSO Council passed a motion requesting the Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance (CCWG-IG) to explore a new model for community collaboration. Based on the revised charter it has received from the CCWG-IG and discussions with various groups, the Council concludes that a CCWG is not an appropriate vehicle for the work of this group. Nevertheless, the GNSO Council fully recognizes the importance of the continued ICANN community involvement in Internet governance-related activities appropriate to ICANN's mission. The Council requests that members of the CCWG-IG and others interested parties come together to explore a frame or model that more fully addresses concerns over the group's compliance with the CCWG Framework, as well as its accountability. The Council requests the submission of the framework or model for its consideration at the February 2018 Council meeting. The Council also resolved to withdraw as a Chartering Organization from CCWG-IG, effective at the conclusion of ICANN61, expecting that a replacement structure will be ready for approval by the Council at that time.