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GNSO Council Does Not Support Reopening Decision on Two-Character Country/Territory Codes at the Second Level

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In response to the GAC Advice stated in its ICANN58 Copenhagen Communiqué, the GNSO Council does not support the ICANN Board re-opening their decision and subsequent implementation on the two-character country/territory codes at the second level. The Council is concerned that the GAC Advice essentially requires the ICANN Board to negotiate directly, and reach resolution, with individual governments on this topic. In the Council's view, such bilateral process is inconsistent with the "Consensus Advice" mechanism stated in the ICANN Bylaws, potentially undermining the utility of the GAC itself and violating ICANN's post-transition accountability commitment. As per new procedure introduced by the ICANN Board 8 November 2016 Resolution, it is no longer mandatory for the registries to notify governments for their use of two-letter country codes or to seek agreements of governments when releasing two-letter country codes at the second level. Caused by the serious concerns expressed by some governments, the GAC advises the ICANN Board to engage with concerned governments by ICANN59 to resolve those issues. Learn more in the GNSO Review of the GAC ICANN58 Copenhagen Communiqué, which has been submitted to the ICANN Board.