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59 Sessions and Counting: GNSO Preview for ICANN 51

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With ICANN 51 approaching fast, it seems timely to provide a preview of the GNSO's agenda for in Los Angeles. So far, there are 59 GNSO meetings scheduled. Please note, therefore, that the sessions highlighted below represent just a snapshot and make sure to consult the full schedule for a complete overview of the GNSO's LA agenda and to follow the @ICANN_GNSO twitter handle.

The first GNSO event takes place already on Friday: an all-day meeting of the Privacy and Proxy Accreditation Issues Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group as part of a GNSO pilot project on facilitated face-to-face PDP WG meetings. The idea is to maximize face-to-face time and thereby aid the WG's discussions.

As always, the GNSO weekend session will provide an effective segue into the Los Angeles Meeting, with busy agendas for both Saturday and Sunday. These two working session days will allow the GNSO community as well as others interested to take stock of the on-going GNSO activities, including presentations from all active working and discussion groups as well as engage with groups such as the ICANN Board and the Governmental Advisory Committee. In addition, the ICANN President and senior staff will provide updates on their work to the GNSO. Following the conclusion of the weekend session, in addition to some stakeholder group and constituency meetings, the GNSO Review Working Party and the GAC/GNSO Consultation Group are scheduled to meet on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, several GNSO PDP Working Groups are meeting throughout the day, among which is the Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information PDP Working Group that is expected to present its Draft Initial Report for community discussion. Later in the afternoon that day, the joint GNSO/ccNSO Council Meeting will also take place.

The GNSO Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies will meet all day Tuesday. This includes the meeting of the GNSO's Stakeholder Groups with the ICANN Board.

Wednesday will see more GNSO Working Group meetings, such as the new gTLD Subsequent Procedures Discussion Group, the IGO-INGO Curative Rights Protection WG, and the Privacy and Proxy Accreditation Services Issus WG. In addition, the public meeting of the GNSO Council will take its usual spot in the afternoon that day which will include the election of the GNSO Council Chair for the next year as well as the seating of six new Councilors and the ALAC Liaison.

On Thursday, the GNSO Council will meet for its Wrap-Up session, which mark the conclusion of the GNSO's meetings in Los Angeles. The ICANN meeting will formally conclude with the ICANN 51 Public Forum and the public meeting of the ICANN Board, which are scheduled for Thursday afternoon.