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GNSO Council Approves the ICANN Fundamental Bylaw Amendment

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Exercising its power as a Decisional Participant of the Empowered Community (EC), GNSO Council has approved the amendment to Section 4.2 of the ICANN Bylaw, which is one of ICANN's Fundamental Bylaw. The GNSO Council also directed James Bladel, the GNSO representative to the EC Administration, to coordinate with the other four Decisional Participant representatives to ensure that the EC Administration observes and completes the appropriate process. On 18 May 2017, the ICANN Board had approved an amendment to Section 4.2 to transfer responsibility for reconsideration requests to a new Board committee. This triggered the Empowered Community Approval Action Process, including the subsequent convening of the first Community Forum in ICANN59, during which EC's five Decisional Participants discussed the proposed Fundamental Bylaw amendment. Following the Community Forum, each Decisional Participant had 21 days to decide whether to support, object to, or abstain from the matter.