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Participate in ICANN65 GNSO Policy Webinar and Morning Briefing

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The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Policy Support Team is pleased to announce two planned events to help you get prepared for ICANN65. To optimize your participation at these events, read the Pre-ICANN65 GNSO Policy Briefing and bring your questions.

Before ICANN65 | GNSO Policy Webinar
This webinar will be held on Monday, 17 June from 21:00-22:30 (UTC). Please register here:

The leaders of major GNSO policy development processes (PDPs) will provide an in-depth review of their topics, current issues being discussed, and what to expect at ICANN65. During the webinar, participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions about policy development work. A question-and-answer exchange will follow each working group presentation. The goal of the webinar is to enhance your preparation for ICANN65 and facilitate engagement in GNSO policy development activities.

Who should participate? Anyone interested in gaining insight into GNSO PDP working group activities.

During ICANN65 | GNSO Policy Morning Briefing
This session will be held on Monday, 24 June from 08:30-09:30 (local time - CET). Learn more here:

As the first GNSO session at ICANN65, the GNSO Policy Morning Briefing aims to enhance participants' understanding of why GNSO policy development is important and to prepare for the GNSO sessions scheduled throughout the week. In an interactive setting, participants will have ample opportunity to ask the GNSO Policy Support Team questions, engage in candid discussions, and network amongst themselves. The GNSO Policy Support Team hopes the GNSO Policy Morning Briefing will serve as a starting point for engagement in the GNSO policy work during and beyond ICANN65.

Who should participate?

  • ICANN newcomers interested in following and getting involved in GNSO policy activities.
  • ICANN65 attendees who want to know what to expect at the GNSO sessions in Marrakech.

The GNSO Policy Development Support Team looks forward to your participation!