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Webinar: Presentation of the Initial Report of the Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information PDP Working Group

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Friday 16 January 2015; 14:00-14:30 UTC


The PDP Working Group on Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information has been chartered to determine whether contact information data should be translated or transliterated into a common language and/or script. The Group has published its Initial Report recommending not to make translation/transliteration of contact information mandatory but to allow for it on a voluntary basis.

The public comment period on this Report is open until 1 February 2015. To help the Community understand the Working Group’s reasoning and to facilitate the submission of public comments, the Working Group co-Chairs will hold a 30-min webinar on Friday 16 January at 14:00 UTC. The aim is to present the preliminary recommendations and allow for an extended question and answer session, providing an opportunity for an interactive exchange between the Community and members of this PDP Working Group.