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Expression of Interest – GNSO Nominated Member of the Fellowship Selection Committee

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The GNSO has been invited by the ICANN Fellowship Program to nominate one individual to serve as member of the Fellowship Selection Committee for six consecutive ICANN meetings beginning with ICANN78. The GNSO is hereby opening a call for Expressions of Interest to solicit volunteers for this position. Please see details below. To apply, fill out the Expression of Interest form and submit it to The deadline for submissions is 6 January 2023 at 23:59 UTC.

Selection of the Fellowship Selection Committee Member

The GNSO is opening this call for Expressions of Interest to solicit volunteers for the GNSO-nominated Fellowship Selection Committee member. The GNSO Standing Selection Committee (SSC) will evaluate the responses and make a recommendation to the GNSO Council, which will review the SSC's recommendation and make a final decision.


The ICANN Fellowship Selection Committee is responsible for evaluating applications for the ICANN Fellowship and selecting Fellowship recipients. Each Supporting Organization/Advisory Committee (SO/AC) is invited to nominate one representative to serve on the ICANN Fellowship Selection Committee, for a total of up to seven individuals.


This is a volunteer role.

Time Commitment

The term for this position is two years. The Selection Committee member will participate in selection processes for six (6) consecutive ICANN Public Meetings, starting with ICANN78. A time commitment of approximately 10-15 hours over four to five weeks is required for each application round.


ICANN Fellowship Selection Committee members are responsible for evaluating all applications for the ICANN Fellowship using the Applicant Selection Criteria to determine which candidates best meet these criteria.

Skills and Experience

  • Active participant in GNSO structures and policy development processes for at least two years with a track record of engagement. Experience engaging in Cross-Community Working Groups is also desirable.
  • Track record of being an active contributor during ICANN public meetings.
  • Enough experience with specific sector(s) of the ICANN ecosystem including, but not limited to, technical Internet issues; government, academia, commercial or non-commercial issues; I* entities; underserved and/or under-represented communities and/or Internet related development, or other fellowship programs, to be able to evaluate candidates' answers in the ICANN context.

Desired Attributes

  • Member of a GNSO Stakeholder Group and/or Constituency.
  • Willingness and ability to devote the necessary time to this role.

Additional Information

It is not possible to serve as a Fellowship Program Mentor and a Fellowship Selection Committee member at the same time. Selection Committee members may be Fellowship Program alumni, but this is not required. The GNSO will take into account gender and geographic diversity considerations when evaluating candidates.


If you have any questions, please send an email to