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Call for Volunteers: GNSO New gTLDs Subsequent Rounds Discussion Group

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This is a call for volunteers to participate in a GNSO Discussion Group to discuss experiences gained by the first round of new gTD applications and identify subjects for possible future issue reports, if any, that might lead to changes or adjustments for subsequent new gTLD application procedures. This Discussion Group has been created by the Generic Names Supporting Organization and is open to anyone interested in participating.

What this Discussion Group will do

The Discussion Group is to review the first round of the new gTLD program and discuss and reflect upon experiences gained. The Discussion Group is expected to report its findings to the GNSO Council, which may include a list of recommended subjects for future GNSO issue reports that may lead to changes or adjustments for subsequent new gTLD application procedures. Issue reports are a required first step in developing new policies.

How this Group will work

Like other GNSO efforts, the Discussion Group is expected to use transparent and open processes. Meetings are recorded, mailing lists are publicly archived and members from the Discussion Group are expected to submit Statements of Interest in order to participate. The group may decide to collaborate using a public workspace for draft materials and all final work products and milestones will be documented.

Please note that as a Discussion Group member you are expected to attend conference calls and to actively participate in online discussions. If you are concerned about the amount of time or input that you would be able to provide to the group, but would like to remain informed of the group's activities, it is encouraged that you participate as an observer. Participating as an observer will allow you to follow the group's work on the mailing list. To be able to actively participate in conference calls and online discussions, you would need to change your status from observer to member, which can be accomplished by simply emailing your request to the GNSO Secretariat ( The GNSO Secretariat will endeavor to ensure your status is changed in time for the group's next meeting.

How to Join

The GNSO Council invites all interested parties to put forward their names so that they can be added to the Discussion Group mailing list. The Discussion Group will be open to anyone interested to join. Community members who wish to be invited to join the group should contact the GNSO secretariat ( and clearly indicate whether they would like to be subscribed as a member or observer to the mailing list.


In June 2008, the ICANN Board adopted the GNSO's policy recommendations for the introduction of new gTLDs and directed staff to develop an implementation plan for a new gTLD introduction process. In June 2011, the ICANN Board approved an Application Guidebook ("AGB") for new gTLDs and authorized the launch of the New gTLD Program. The AGB provided that it was intended to govern "the first round of what is to be an ongoing process for the introduction of new gTLDs" and that "ICANN's goal [was] to launch subsequent gTLD application rounds as quickly as possible" and promised to base the timing of the subsequent rounds on "experiences gained and changes required after this round is completed" with a "goal…for the new application round to begin within one year of the close of the application submission period for the initial round."

With the application submission period for the initial round closing in June 2012, the GNSO Council believes that it has a continuing interest and role to play in evaluating the experiences of the first round and proposing policy recommendations, if necessary, for changes to subsequent rounds. This Discussion Group is being created to begin that evaluation process and possibly identify areas for future GNSO policy development.