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Call for Volunteers: IDNs EPDP Charter Drafting Team

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In Brief

The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council seeks volunteers to serve on a Drafting Team that will develop a charter for an Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) on Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). The Drafting Team will also be tasked to develop an Initiation Request for this EPDP. The Drafting Team is expected to submit the proposed Charter and the Initiation Request to the GNSO Council for approval.

What This Drafting Team Will Do

The Drafting Team is expected to develop an EPDP Charter using the Revised GNSO Working Group Charter Template, a PDP 3.0 work product, while taking into account the GNSO Council IDN Scoping Team Final Report. That report recommends that an EPDP Team review the recommendations related to the IDN variant TLD definition and management and evaluate their impact on various areas, including existing ICANN policies and procedures.

Such an EPDP Team is also expected to consider substantive policy issues within the IDN Implementation Guidelines 4.0, if applicable and to be identified by an IDN Operational Track Team consisting of Contracted Parties and subsequently agreed to by the IDN Implementation Guidelines Working Group.

In addition, the Drafting Team is expected to develop the Initiation Request based on elements of the proposed Charter.

The Drafting Team is expected to prepare a proposed work plan and complete its deliverables for consideration by the GNSO Council within a reasonable timeframe.

Who Should Join

The GNSO Council invites interested parties within the GNSO community (i.e., GNSO's stakeholder groups and constituencies) to join the Drafting Team. The GNSO Council asks that volunteers take into account the expected membership criteria for this Drafting Team:

  • Be knowledgeable of ICANN's policy efforts related to IDNs, particularly the definition and management of IDN variant TLDs, as well as the technical utilization of Root Zone Label Generation Rules;
  • Be familiar with GNSO Working Group Guidelines and Policy Development Process;
  • Be available to actively contribute to the discussion and activities of the Drafting Team on an ongoing basis;
  • Be willing to work, in good faith, toward consensus;
  • Provide an updated Statement of Interest in accordance with Section 5 of the GNSO Operating Procedures;
  • Commit to a Statement of Participation, to be set by the GNSO Council prior to the first meeting of the EPDPs Charter Drafting Team.

How to Join

GNSO community members who wish to join the Drafting Team should contact the GNSO Secretariat at by 20 November 2020.


For more information, read the GNSO Council IDN Scoping Team Final Report here: