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Last Updated: 4 April 2017

Background & Mission Statement:

The ISPs and Connectivity Providers Constituency is an integral part of the GNSO. The Constituency's goal is to fulfill roles and responsibilities that are created by relevant ICANN and gNSO bylaws, rules or policies as ICANN proceeds to conclude its organization activities.

These responsibilities include the election of two members to the GNSO Council (through the Commercial Stakeholders Group) and to ensure that views of Internet. It will be particularly attentive to the needs and concerns of such providers and balance these with the public interest. The ISPs and connectivity providers Constituency is committed to wide membership participation as well as open, transparent procedures and practices.

The ISPCP also elects one representative to serve on the ICANN NomCom. This position is term-limited by the ICANN By-Laws.

An Executive Committee oversees the agenda setting and organizational activities of the Constituency. The Constituency also has a Secretariat who is responsible for administrative support for the Constituency.


Executive Committee

Wolf-Ulrich Knoben

Chair & CSG Representative – Wolf-Ulrich Knoben (SOI) - EU

Tony Holmes

Deputy Chair – Tony Holmes (SOI)

Alain Bidron

ExComm – Alain Bidron (SOI)


Tony Harris

GNSO Counselor – Tony Harris (SOI) - Latin AC / October 2015 – November 2017

Wolf-Ulrich Knoben

GNSO Counselor – Wolf-Ulrich Knoben (SOI) – EU / October 2015 – AGM 2016


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