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ICANN 52 Policy Update Webinar

Make sure to sign up to this briefing to summarize policy issues across the different ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees in preparation for ICANN 52.

Jonathan Robinson being awarded the 2014 ICANN Leadership Award

Jonathan Robinson Has Been Awarded the 2014 ICANN Leadership Award

Jonathan Robinson has been awarded the 2014ICANN Leadership Award for his contributions to the effectiveness of ICANN's multistakeholder model.

Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information – Initial Report open for

Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information – Initial Report Open for Public Comment

The report provides both detailed arguments in favour and opposing mandatory transformation and indicates that a majority of the Working Group currently favours not to recommend mandatory transformation and/or transliteration of Contact Information.

Downtown Los Angeles, California

ICANN 51 – Los Angeles

With ICANN 51 approaching fast, it seems timely to provide a preview of the GNSO¹s agenda for in Los Angeles. So far, there are 59 GNSO meetings scheduled. Please note, therefore, that the sessions highlighted below represent just a snapshot and make sure to consult the full schedule for a complete overview of the GNSO¹s LA agenda and to follow the @ICANN_GNSO twitter handle.

Jonathan Robinson, Chair of the GNSO Council

Jonathan Robinson looks to ICANN 51

Following the success of ICANN 50, Jonathan Robinson, Chair of the Generic Names Support Organisation (GNSO), looks to the next ICANN meeting in Los Angeles and also talks about the topics that will occupy the GNSO until then.

Newcomver Invitation

Monthly GNSO Working Group Newcomer Open House Session

These ongoing monthly sessions are for new GNSO WG participants to come together and discuss any questions they may have about GNSO Working Groups, procedures and/or processes. The agenda is flexible and the presenters will be ready with a standard set of materials.

If there are any specific questions you already have, or any overviews or introductions you think would be helpful (e.g. GNSO Policy Development Process or GNSO Working Group guidelines), please let us know in advance and we will prepare materials accordingly. Feel free to share this invitation with others that you think may be interested.

If you are interested to join the next meeting – or any of the future meetings – please let the GNSO Secretariat know ( and we will send you the call details.

Last Updated: 23 July 2014