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Downtown Los Angeles, California

ICANN 51 – Los Angeles

Los Angeles will be the site designated for ICANN 51 scheduled for October 2014. The official venue is the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Perfectly situated on the fashionable West Side of Los Angeles, California, adjacent to Beverly Hills, this elegant, iconic hotel offers easy access to all the sights of this vibrant city. The agenda will continue to focus on ICANN's accountability and the transition of IANA stewardship to some future mechanism to be determined. While the New gTLD Program has advanced considerably since the application round opened in 2012, status and outstanding issues will also continue to be discussed in Los Angeles. For more information please visit the London meetings page.

picture of Jennifer Wolfe

Participate in the 360 GNSO Assessment

The 360 Assessment, a new component within the organizational reviews, is designed to gather data for an independent examiner, Westlake Governance, to use in the review process and may also inform GNSO self-improvement efforts.  The 360 Assessment is an easy-to-use online tool for the GNSO community, other ICANN structures and community members, the Board and staff to provide valuable feedback to the independent examiner.  See 360 Assessment Announcement for more information.

Avri Doria

Avri Doria wins first ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award

NCUC representative on the GNSO Council and former GNSO Council chair, has been awarded the first ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award, which she received during the opening ceremony of ICANN50 in London.

Jonathan Robinson, Chair of the GNSO Council

Jonathan Robinson looks to ICANN 51

Following the success of ICANN 50, Jonathan Robinson, Chair of the Generic Names Support Organisation (GNSO), looks to the next ICANN meeting in Los Angeles and also talks about the topics that will occupy the GNSO until then.

Rudi Vansnick, Chair of the NPOC

Rudi Vansnick, Chair of the Non-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC)

Rudi Vansnick shares his experience by explaining the role of the Non-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) and how it functions as a part of the wider ICANN and GNSO community.

Newcomver Invitation

Monthly GNSO Working Group Newcomer Open House Session

These ongoing monthly sessions are for new GNSO WG participants to come together and discuss any questions they may have about GNSO Working Groups, procedures and/or processes. The agenda is flexible and the presenters will be ready with a standard set of materials.

If there are any specific questions you already have, or any overviews or introductions you think would be helpful (e.g. GNSO Policy Development Process or GNSO Working Group guidelines), please let us know in advance and we will prepare materials accordingly. Feel free to share this invitation with others that you think may be interested.

If you are interested to join the next meeting – or any of the future meetings – please let the GNSO Secretariat know ( and we will send you the call details.

Bill Drake

Interview with Bill Drake, Chair of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC)

Bill Drake gives an overview of the role of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) within the Generic Names Support Organization (GNSO) and shares some insights for potential ICANN Newcomers.

Last Updated: 23 July 2014