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Re: [council] Point for Discussion


Yes, it either needs to come from the board. Or if, as requested, the board enables the GNSO council to amend some of it own procedures during the course of their BGCWG recommendations, then we will be able to do it ourselves.

If the council wishes to proceed on this before getting the final board decisions on GNSO reform, we could craft a formal request for the change. It might be best to offer specific language we would like to see. I can put this on the next meeting's agenda if so desired.


On 13 jul 2007, at 11.24, Robin Gross wrote:

I agree that we should reform the bylaws to permit proxy voting, and it sounds like this initiative would have to come from the Board, so perhaps we should have a conversation with the Board on this issue.


Thomas Keller wrote:

As far as I remember passing on a proxy during a meeting was quite
common back in the days where we still had this possibility. Given that we are all volunteers, having a regular day job, there is not always time to attend every meeting, hence a simple proxy option is certainly desirable. At least from my recollection there was no
misuse of that practice.


Am 12.07.2007 schrieb Ross Rader:

Mike Rodenbaugh wrote:

Ross, why the limitation that proxy must be passed 'prior to the start of the meeting'? I have seen several times where a Councilor was at a meeting but needed to leave before it ended, and sought at that point to give a proxy (which I believe we have accepted that proxy vote on at
least a couple occasions).

I'm not sure where that specific practice came from, it was just the way we did it :)

Glen might be able to provide better insight though.


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