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Re: [council] Point for Discussion

I agree that we should reform the bylaws to permit proxy voting, and it sounds like this initiative would have to come from the Board, so perhaps we should have a conversation with the Board on this issue.


Thomas Keller wrote:

As far as I remember passing on a proxy during a meeting was quite
common back in the days where we still had this possibility. Given that we are all volunteers, having a regular day job, there is not always time to attend every meeting, hence a simple proxy option is certainly desirable. At least from my recollection there was no
misuse of that practice.


Am 12.07.2007 schrieb Ross Rader:
Mike Rodenbaugh wrote:
Ross, why the limitation that proxy must be passed 'prior to the start
of the meeting'?  I have seen several times where a Councilor was at a
meeting but needed to leave before it ended, and sought at that point to
give a proxy (which I believe we have accepted that proxy vote on at
least a couple occasions).
I'm not sure where that specific practice came from, it was just the way we did it :)

Glen might be able to provide better insight though.


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