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Re: [registrars] RE: Network Solutions is Front Running!!!

You think you are protecting the consumer..... However you are ALSO exposing
the consumers' ideas with NO permission from the user. Verisign broadcasts
to the world what your consumer is thinking. Opportunistic Spies can now
register the domain at NSI before the consumer knows what happened. In fact
it would only take 5 seconds to 5 minutes of a delay for consumers to feel
the effect. If they truly come up with a good domain name then a spy can
snipe it from them. NSI still gets the registration fee.

I can think of 4 BIG things that could help you...

1) Don't register Name Servers with the domain (Avoid leaking the ideas).
2) Ask the consumer IF they intend on register a domain and IF they can
guarantee payment.
3) Allow them to Opt in before searching.
4) Allow the consumer the ability to delete the domain being held in the

By broadcasting to the world and giving these domains name servers you are
doing a lot of damage. I would bet money you are doing more harm then good
right now and NSI will fix this system before India.


On Jan 9, 2008 6:49 AM, Nevett, Jonathon <jnevett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>  <How does this protect customers?>
> Ross:
> We are protecting our customers who come to our website, check
> availability of a name, and come back a few hours or a day later with the
> intention to purchase to find that the name is no longer available, as it
> has been taken by a taster.  In such cases, the customer typically blames
> the registrar.  In reality, however, the search information was sold to the
> taster by a registry or ISP and was not the registrar's fault.
> Thanks.
> Jon

Jay Westerdal
CEO, Name Intelligence
http://blog.domaintools.com (Corporate Blog)
206.866.5090 (Cell)

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