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Re: [registrars] RE: Network Solutions is Front Running!!!

On 9-Jan-08, at 7:45 AM, Nevett, Jonathon wrote:

We obviously don't think that protecting our customers is unethical.

How does this protect customers? The name is still available for registration (albeit only through NSI) and the registry in question still knows that someone is interested in the name. This sounds more like a rule change for the front-runners and not any real customer protection. I'd even go further and venture an opinion that the customer is actually disadvantaged because anyone doing a search at NSI is now prevented from price-shopping their registration.

It also sounds like a massive denial of service waiting to happen as well. It is a trivial exercise to write a script that could take millions of names off the market in a few minutes. I understand that NSI has put some safeguards in place to mitigate this (IP rate limiting, the amount they have on balance with the registries, etc.) but I have little faith in NSI's capability to keep up with an earnest black-hat.

I'm also concerned about the compliance implications of this action. Registrars are required to have some certainty of payment when they register a domain name. In this case, NSI isn't even sure of the intent of the customer, how can certainty of payment be assumed when NSI doesn't even know if the customer wants the domain name?

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