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Re: [ga] Re: I am mad about being discriminated against.

Leah and all former DNSO GA Members or other interested stakeholders/users,

Leah G wrote:

> Jeff Williams wrote:
> > John and all former DNSO GA members or other interested stakeholders/users,
> >
> >   Of course your right in part here, John.   However as  you know
> > sense 9/11, the powers that be so to speak such as the US Congress,
> > the presidents commission on the internet, the UN, and other NGO's
> > are not rushing to endorse  this approach.  Yet many more stakeholders
> > and users/stakeholders are taking that approach...
> >
> >   Beware however, Congress has several bills being considered that
> > may make the inclusive root structures and their users in abeyance
> > of the perhaps soon to be law.  Hence why your approach may
> > not always be the wise or prudent one for many stakeholder/user...
> > Hence why what I briefly suggested yet again, is a perhaps
> > better, if not necessary strategy and therefore significant
> > lobbying that is properly focused as well, may bear better
> > fruit...
> >
> >   BTW John, how much if any lobbying has www.open-rsc.org
> > or www.newroot.com been doing directly or passively in
> > Washington, Geneva, and elsewhere?  My guess is none..
> > Am I right?
> >
> Actually, Newroot, which is located over seas, is doing quite a bit of
> marketing and doing well from what I've heard.  I have no idea what any
> of the others are doing, but there are millions of people using ORSC and
> Newroot now.  I would guess the greatest number of users is outside the
> US for obvious reasons.

  Thank you for this interesting and good to know information.  However
that as it may be, it is not as widely known as perhaps it should or needs
to be in the mainstream.  I am aware of many of our members using
Newnet, Newroot, and other inclusive root structures in increasing
numbers.  However that in no way addresses the need for a broadening
of this information via a good lobbying strategy nor does this information
aid adequately in more ALL inclusive advantage for which all can
benefit and share...

> --
> Leah G.
> http://forums.delphiforums.com/atlargeorg
> http://forums.delphiforums.com/domainwatch

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