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RE: [ga] RE: ICANN Litigation Documents website, and WLS

  • To: "'Rick Wesson'" <wessorh@xxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [ga] RE: ICANN Litigation Documents website, and WLS
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  • Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 09:10:25 -0400
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I know what it means ... it means you are arrogant and not worthy any
responses.  I don't care about who or what you block.  I suggest you just
have a white list and put Crispin on it so you can both talk to each other
in the same arrogant manner.

As for Halloran, he CAUSED most of the complaints because he set a
reputation of not enforcing the agreements.  I assume he just filters out
all these complaints.  It should not take much time to validate them because
they are well-known problems that everybody knows is happening.

Now you can stick your fingers in your ears and start yelling like a 2
year-old ... block all my mail.  And don't bother to notify me of your

Russ Smith

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Subject: RE: [ga] RE: ICANN Litigation Documents website, and WLS


> I have processed thousands of domain transfers and have filed hundreds
> of complaints with ICANN and Dan Halloran.  I can personally attest
> that Dan Halloran does nothing related to

how long do you think it took dan to go through your complaints and
validate each of your complaints as valid?


  :0 H:
  *	admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The above means if you aren't a reasonable person in your reply I'll never
read you again.



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