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Re: [ga] Re: GNSO and the GA. Kent Crispin controlled

  • To: Joe Baptista <baptista@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [ga] Re: GNSO and the GA. Kent Crispin controlled
  • From: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 12:29:54 -0700 (PDT)

Good and accurate points here Joe.
I am beginning to worry that our "international" problem is more systemic in 
the base motivations for participation.  Over at the UN we are seeing more and 
more cloistering of Internet Governance resources.  The IGF is beginning to 
look a lot like the "at-large" model here. The battles are not raging over 
"human" or "internet" rights but rather which group gets credit and therefor 
funding and accalades and a set of Titles to reward the elite with.  The NCUC 
here is actually prohibiting members from participating here. The Club Set 
mentality from Syracruse to MDR is gaining strenght under Obama not losing 
momentum as some of us would have hoped.
We here are the last vestige and we are looking quite endangered.  
I wish I could go find and give a big hug and kiss to the Gal responsible for 
this; XX5.9  -  """""Upon the adoption of this Transition Article, and until 
further action by the ICANN Board, the GNSO Council shall assume responsibility 
for the DNSO General Assembly e-mail announcement and discussion lists."""" 
Found here;

--- On Sat, 9/12/09, Joe Baptista <baptista@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Joe Baptista <baptista@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [ga] Re: GNSO and the GA. Kent Crispin controlled
To: "Hugh Dierker" <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "General Assembly of the DNSO" <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Andy Gardner" 
<andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, 
ssene@xxxxxxxxxxxx, rod_beckstrom@xxxxxxxxx, avri@xxxxxxx, 
Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009, 8:36 AM

On 9/12/09, Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Here is the bigger problem, of course there are changing dynamics as we speak, 
Avri believes in the theory that if you do absolutely nothing then you are 
absolutely not accountable.  

That's the old civil service approach to doing nothing. It works in the civil 
service - not sure iy works for a U.S. corporation contracted to the DOC. There 
is liability here - doing absolutely nothing I think is interpreted as 
negligence in the real world.

This is publicly eluded to by her here and elsewhere. The last year of the GNSO 
is proof positive. This is an OK philosophy and was generally one half of 
Gandhiji's philosophy. Problem is the other half requiring action when duty 
requires it. Hence passive aggressive sit ins. Avri and the GNSO council would 
do well to have someone start them off here: 
Now we also know that there is one ICANN staffer that has used Debbie Garside 
in the past as a manner of censoring. He is an ex Olympic committee staffer and 
has associated through that with some very unsavory censorship and, shall we 
say "way right wing 1940s german style methodology".  More will be revealed. As 
the use of publications is just to similar.

Yup - I was there and published the evidence to the list. If my memory is 
correct I believe the ICANN staffer was associated with a know NAZI by Jeff. 
When we investigated we foundn Jeff's allegations to be true. The current ICANN 
staffer and former Olympic committee staffer was indeed associated with a known 

The complaint by the ICANN staffer to Debbie Garside under the circumstances 
was frivolous and vexatious - we dismissed that in committee.

Then all the censorship started. Also lets not forget Debbie Garside has been 
rewarded for her work. She's about to join the ICANN travel plan. It's obvious 
everything that has happened to date is to destroy the General Assembly - the 
last inclusive representative body at ICANN.


--- On Fri, 9/11/09, Andy Gardner <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Andy Gardner <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ga] Re: GNSO and the GA. Kent Crispin controlled
To: "General Assembly of the DNSO" <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, ssene@xxxxxxxxxxxx, 
rod_beckstrom@xxxxxxxxx, avri@xxxxxxx, Kimberly.Peretti@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Friday, September 11, 2009, 11:47 AM

Ah, Kent. A spanner in the cogs of progress since way back in the days of the 
IDNO attempts to form a constituency for Registrants. He was well-rewarded for 
his work there, don't you think? 

On Sep 11, 2009, at 7:50 AM, Hugh Dierker wrote:

Unless certain people in the GNSO are just outright not telling the truth.  
ICANN staff is directly responsible for denying public participation in the GA. 
Avri has repeatedly and publicly denied any interference. There is no reason to 
believe that Glen would have anything to do with such malfeasance. It just 
makes no sense the Secretariat would get involved.
This fellow has repeatedly bragged, no that is too harsh, boasted is better, 
that he controls the GA.  That he is the one responsible, to no one, in running 
the only General Assembly list in ICANN.  And that he has shut it down.  Kent 
Crispin; http://www.icann.org/en/biog/crispin.htm
This of course is in direct violations of the history and mandate found in the 
preamble here;
http://www.geolang.com/draftGAListRules5.htm ;
These are legal and scrutinzed by high priced lawyers and formally adopted by a 
contracting agent of the United States Government.
Which is further explained here:
http://gnso.icann.org/resolutions/ ; --- 2007 9 06 2 
Again the self determination of the GA is established in a legally binding 
(as you can see from this, after fancy lawyering and removal of language -- the 
GNSO adoption, formally of the list rules took out the role of the GNSO Chair 
and effectively in a legal ICANN document made me {although yet to be elected} 
a god) Not fun.
Avri I note in an election last December was elected until a new board is 
formed. Me -- I get no relief. 

Joe Baptista

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