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[ga] ICANN's Fellowship Program

  • To: ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [ga] ICANN's Fellowship Program
  • From: Danny Younger <dannyyounger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 14:05:53 -0800 (PST)

Consider the following list of fellowship recipients (San Juan, Los Angeles, 
New Delhi); I would be curious to know how many you can name that have ever 
participated in any discussion on any ICANN list or public comment forum?  

Bakurally Abdoos Samad, 
Atef Loukil, 
Gaongalelwe G. Mosweu,
Jean Robert Hountomey, 
Paulos Nyirenda, 
Albert Daniels, 
Andrew Mancey, 
Bevil Wooding, 
Charles Glasgow,
Christian Chu Fook, 
Deirdre Williams 
Denzil West 
Dwight Horsford, 
Jeremy Whyte, 
Max Larson Henry, 
Rayman Khan, 
Rudolph Daniel, 
Shivase Singh, 
Stéphane Brun , 
Ronald Straker, 
Tatiana Chirev, 
Antonio Quirarte, 
Enrique Arrieta-Noguera, 
Leopoldo Brandt Graterol, 
Olga Cavalla, 
Ricardo Vaz Monteiro, 
Rodrigo De la Parra, 
Virginia Paque, 
Stans Khalil Rakhmanov, 
Basanta Krishna Shrestha, 
Lynnold Misifea Wini, 
Simon Greaves, 
Tapugao Falefou, 
Janice Douma Lange, 
Jorge Raul Cabanas Acevedo, 
Atef Loukil, 
Jessica Calvo, 
Edna Samudio, 
Tatiana Chirev, 
Gao Mosweu, 
Harbert Tom
Marvin Castaneda, 
Khalil Rakhmanov, 
Antonio Godinho, 
Luis Roberto Furlan Collver, 
Carthney Laukon, 
Michel Stephane Bruno, 
Abdoulaye Diakite, 
Faig Farmanov, 
Timur Hasanov, 
Ahmed Al-Qaifi, 
Alireza Saleh, 
Haidar Fraihat, 
Rayman Khan, 
Vladimir Aleksic, 
Denzil West, 
David Main
Stanley Osao, 
Sarmad Hussein 
Margarita Valdes, 
Nelly Stoyanova, 
Eswari Prasad Sharma, 
Rachida Fakhri Jouhari, 
Siranush Vardanyan 
Sam Groundar, 
Ashwin Nand, 
Baasansuren Bolomaa, 
Ajit Sharma, 
Reza Salim, 
Ghazwa Malhas, 
Soulemayne Oumtanaga, 
Aboubacar Koly Cisse, 
Albert Daniels, 
Mohammed Thawabah, 
Royderitz James

If no contributions to the policy dialogue have emerged after spending gobs and 
gobs of money on travel and accomodation expenses for these award recipients, 
then why is this program being carried forward while the real policy workers in 
the GNSO have to continually struggle to obtain funding? 

PS.  For what it's worth, I can only name one.  


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