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Re: [dow2tf] Teams


I'm going to use a liberal interpretation of the council's desire to have alternates contribute "facts" as opposed to "opinions" in this context. As you point out, we have a large amount of data to analyze and present, and I think we'd be doing ourselves a disservice to limit the number of people that can contribute to that effort. Keep in mind that it is not practical for any given constituency to be represented on all off the teams, so it's hard to adhere to the "balancing" rationale behind the council's decision to limit alternate's participation.

In allocating teams, I will definitely attempt to make an attempt to limit the probability that selective analysis of data will take place, although we seem to be working with a group of people where such a concern seems unnecessary.


On Feb 11, 2004, at 3:35 AM, Thomas Keller wrote:

Steve, all,

I don't think that the councils permission to have alternates includes
doing work for the taskforce. It was even stated several times that
the alternate must only fill in if the primary rep is not available.
I don't see this rule changing only because we split the TF into teams.

Nevertheless having in mind the (hopefully) huge amout of data we have to
review this kind of sharing the workload might make sense but we first have
to make sure that all constituency are represented equally. As far as I
know have not all cons. choosen a alternate.



Am 10.02.2004 schrieb Steve Metalitz:

On behalf of IPC, I will serve on team 1 and 2 and Nik will cover team 3.

Steve Metalitz

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Just a reminder to everyone that I need your preference for data analysis team participation by the end of the day today.





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