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Re: [dow2tf] More calendaring

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  • Subject: Re: [dow2tf] More calendaring
  • From: KathrynKL@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 08:27:03 EST
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With respect for the Council and coordination, I will echo the concerns 
raised by Marilyn, Tom and Steve.  I agree that we only want to go to our 
constituencies once -- and that our prior unanimous agreement to go After the data was 
collected, compiled and placed into an Interim Report was a good decision.  
Our TF has a good amount of data gathering to conduct -- at the instruction of 
the Council through our DOW -- so we have a job to do.

With respect to Barbara, I don't fully understand why small projects are 
holding up data collection by weeks now.  It's hardly seems fair to the Council, 
the Constituencies, or the public not to proceed forward in a timely manner.  
The questions are done -- why aren't they out? 

Tom's revised schedule is realistic.  It is fair to our TF members, the 
Constituencies, the public -- and the Council which assigned us some very important 
tasks.  I hope you will take it to the Council; I hope they will understand.  

Regards and bon chance, Kathy

> Week of Jan. 20, 2004  â Request Constituency Statements on TF Work
> Feb. 16, 2004 â Receive Constituency Statements
> Feb. 25, 2004 â "Interim Report" reporting "Data" collected
> March 3, 2004 â Task Force Workshops at Rome Meeting
> April 9, 2004 â Preliminary Task Force Report
> April 29, 2004 â Public Comment Period Closes
> May 20, 2004 â Final Report Due
> As you can see, this schedule is rather more aggressive than the one 
> that Thomas has circulated.  There is actually quite a bit of inertia 
> behind the schedule above, so it may make sense to try to comply with 
> the above schedule, if we believe it to be practical.  (I'll add the 
> caveat that it's fairly dependent on staff support.)
> Jordyn

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