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Re: [council] ICANN Academy message

Stéphane, all,
since nobody seems to object against the idea, can't we say that the Council 
welcomes the plan to create further opportunities to educate interested parties 
about the ICANN eco system and that this could be a valuable tool to reach out 
to the community for their active participation. Also the message should 
contain a caveat that such approach would need to be carefully prepared in 
terms of curriculum, costs etc.

I personally also thing that it is a great idea, particularly if the curriculum 
ensures to cover not only how ICANN works, but what  ICANN's role in the world 
of Internet Governance is and some historical information to put things into 
context. I have seen such wholistic approach during Wolfgang's Summer School 
which was already mentioned during yesterday's call. I was part of the faculty 
last year and spoke to many students, which clearly showed how useful and well 
received such educational efforts are - if done properly :-).


Am 11.05.2012 um 10:15 schrieb Stéphane Van Gelder:

> Mary, Bill,
> Because if we say it like that, to me it sounds implicitly like we have 
> already signed off on the academy.
> I did not get that as being a Council-wide position from our discussions on 
> this yesterday.
> What I heard was that some are strongly in favor, and some are strongly 
> cautious (no-one seemed strongly against).
> So my message was an attempt at balancing those two positions, without coming 
> across as being negative.
> Perhaps I should at this stage disclose that in my own personal opinion, the 
> academy is a good idea. I realize that in my drive to earnestly represent the 
> Council's view and bury my own, which is the approach I've always had to 
> being Chair of this group, I did not even provide my own views. I am doing so 
> now just for the sake of full disclosure but of course, I will not carry my 
> own views into the WG discussions, only the Council's.
> Thanks,
> Stéphane Van Gelder
> Directeur Général / General manager
> INDOM Group NBT France
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> Head of Domain Operations
> Group NBT
> Le 11 mai 2012 à 08:18, William Drake a écrit :
>> Hi Stephane,
>> I agree with Mary, particularly in light of prior disconnects on CWGs, the 
>> tone is a bit negative as a first reaction. It almost sounds like we think 
>> it's up to the GNSO Council to decide whether this goes forward so they must 
>> satisfy us.  Of course there will have to be a discussion in the WG in which 
>> the budgetary and other implications are addressed and those participants 
>> that haven't had a chance yet to ponder the proposal can raise any questions 
>> they have about the rationale.  And if ultimately some SGs decide they're 
>> unpersuaded, that will have to be taken on board by the Board.  So why not 
>> just say we look forward to participating and learning more about it? In the 
>> event you think "establishment of" is too loaded in the other direction, 
>> perhaps "The GNSO Council looks forward to participating in the community 
>> discussion concerning the proposed ICANN Academy" would suffice?
>> Best,
>> Bill
>> On May 11, 2012, at 5:31 AM, <Mary.Wong@xxxxxxxxxxx> <Mary.Wong@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
>> wrote:
>>> Stephane, I think the first message could come across as arrogant to folks 
>>> who did not follow today's discussion, particularly given recent 
>>> sensitivities regarding CWGs. May I suggest something along the lines of 
>>> the sub-message to proposed message 1 being the main message, and the main 
>>> message becoming the sub, phrased as "The GNSO Council looks forward to 
>>> participating in the community discussion concerning the establishment of 
>>> the ICANN Academy"?
>>> Cheers
>>> Mary
>>> Mary W S Wong 
>>> Professor of Law 
>>> Director, Franklin Pierce Center for IP 
>>> Chair, Graduate IP Programs 
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>>> From:
>>> Stéphane Van Gelder<stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx>                  
>>> To:
>>> GNSO Council List <council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> Date:
>>> 5/10/2012 3:59 PM
>>> Subject:
>>> [council] ICANN Academy message
>>> All,
>>> As mentioned during our meeting today, I would like to write down a few 
>>> baseline points to take to the Icann academy WG as being Council positions 
>>> or items on which the Council is comfortable it wants answers for.
>>> To get this started, here are my suggestion. Please comment, add or edit as 
>>> required.
>>> Message 1 to the WG: There should be no discussions on a possible 
>>> curriculum until there has first been discussion (and consensus among the 
>>> different community reps in the WG) on whether the academy itself should be 
>>> created.
>>> GNSO sub-message to message 1:  The GNSO Council agrees the concept of an 
>>> academy to help newcomers get to grips with the ICANN world is a good idea. 
>>> But there needs to be clear guidelines on finance, budget and 
>>> implementation.
>>> Message 2 to the WG: Once it has been determined that the concept of an 
>>> academy is one that should be pushed forward, is willing to provide 
>>> background material and support in helping academy attendees understand the 
>>> intricacies of the GNSO and welcomes any suggestions from the WG on what 
>>> type of material is needed.
>>> Please let me have other suggestions. Thanks.
>>> Stéphane Van Gelder
>>> Directeur Général / General manager
>>> INDOM Group NBT France
>>> ----------------
>>> Head of Domain Operations
>>> Group NBT

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