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RE: [council] NCAs in the new GNSO Council structure

Yes, I understood that, but I added a caution about the long-term solution, as Avri seemed to indicate that their might be some reconsideration of that. But perhaps I read too much into it. But even if it were a long term requirement that the choice be made in the GNSO, nothing requires us to select the ongoing method now - we first need to address this year's issue. And assuming the NomCom does take on the responsibility next year, we will need to think about whether this year's allocation is locked in for the next year (where at least 2/3 NCAs will remain on the GNSO), or whether all three will be (re)assigned.


At 05/09/2009 09:33 AM, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

My understanding is that it is a one time effort for the initial seating of the NCAs on the new Council. The revised Bylaws call for the NomCom to do this task in the future. The problem this year is that they received the request very late in their process.


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If I understood Avri correctly yesterday, the immediate concern is to address where this coming year's NCA's sit, as it is possible (but not a sure thing) that next year the NomCom itself will take on the role. So any decision made now could be with the understanding that it is for this year only, with the three known NCAs. Or it could be a generalized solution that will work every year if the NomCom does not do it. One last thought is that if option e is adopted, I do not think that it would be fair to say that Andrey Kolesnikov is destined to fill that role for his entire two years. He applied for the position based on the old structure and rules.
At 04/09/2009 02:47 PM, Olga Cavalli wrote:
as discussed yesterday in the conference call, and to start the discussion in our list, I am including possible options for assigning the role of the three NCAs in the new structure of the GNSO Council: Option a: The NCAs talk it through and figure out which roles seem right to them.
Option b:  Random selection.
Option c: The council members decide with random selection of which House chooses first. Option d: The two Houses collaborate and decide among them where the NCAs will be assigned. Option e: The new, inexperienced NCA rep assumes the non-voting Council seat and one of the above options is used to assign the two House seats. Option f: The experienced NCA rep assumes the non-voting Coundil seat and one of the above options is used to assign the two House seats Option g: (Combination of option a and d) The two Houses collaborate and decide among them where the NCAs will be assigned, with a refusal option by any of the NCAs. Please iclude other options thay you may think of and share your comments about this in the list.
We should decide about this in our next GNSO conference call on 24 September.
Best regards

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