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RE: [council] Regarding voting rules for conflict of interest - proxies

Hello Chuck,

> I agree with you that we should consider additional special situations
> with regard to voting, but we will probably have to deal with 
> them after
> we get finished with the huge current workload.

Sounds fair to me - just thought I would mention it, while we are
considering voting rules.

>  It
> doesn't seem to me that a constituency (or in the future a stakeholder
> group) should lose a vote because their elected councilor has 
> a personal
> conflict of interest.

Agreed.   But at the same time I do think the issue of personal
conflicts of interest need to be taken into account.  So I think a
mechanism that allows a constituency to retain their votes, but prevents
an individual from being put in a difficult situation is worthwhile.

Another example in the past is how to handle elections  to the Board,
where a candidate is a sitting Council member.  There has been a
mechanism used in the past where the constituency can appoint a person
to vote on behalf of the constituency, in place of the Council member.

Bruce Tonkin

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