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RE: [registrars] HELP - ICANN FEES !

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  • Subject: RE: [registrars] HELP - ICANN FEES !
  • From: "Bhavin Turakhia" <bhavin.t@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:51:47 +0530
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Hi tim,

Thanks for the clarification - however there are a few discrepancies I must
point out

> November and December portion of the annual budget, which 
> will be collected over the 8 months remaining in the fiscal 
> year (November through June).  Hence, $3.8MM is being 
> collected during this shorter period.  This current set of 

To my mind if the budget is applicable from nov to june then the 3.8 million
should be pro-rated for that period.

If however on the other hand we assume that the budget was approved for the
entire fiscal year and the entire 3.8 million should be collected - in that
case you MUST refund the excess fees collected for the annual ICANN
Accreditation component (over and above USD 4000). So if you believe the
budget is applicable from July onwards in that case after july for every
registrar who paid USD 4500 or more in first year annual fees should get a
credit for that excess paid for the remaining TLDs

It would be unfair to have a situation where on one hand because the budget
was delayed in approval you collect excess fees on the annual accreditation
component, and on the other hand despite it being delayed you collect the
entire 3.8 million component in just 8 months.

Infact this may get even more confusing because I am certain you cannot go
back and charge 25 cents for every domain name in the last 4 months.
Therefore I am confused as to how this budget is being applied - part of it
is being applied as if from july, and part of it is being applied as if from

> invoices covers $950,000 of the amount to be collected for 
> the year (2 of 8 months).  However, the variable fee amount 
> collected from each registrar is recalculated each quarter 
> based on the number of operational registrars and the number 
> of registrars requesting (and eligible) for partial 
> forgiveness of the fee (since the combination must cover the 
> full amount).

You are partly incorrect here. The combination must not necessarily cover
the full amount. There is a situation in which case it would NOT cover the
full amount. That situation would be in the cirumstance that no registrar is
using the batch pool. In this circumstance only those registrars who have
more than 350,000 names will be charged USD 20,000 and the remaining will be
charged 1/3rd of tht which is USD 6667. This may result in a circumstance
where the total amount collected would not fulfill USD 3.8 million.


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