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Re: [registrars] Domain Registry of America

Because they use a name that is similar to our
name we regularly get *their* complaints. Most of the
complaints seem to be that they have not refunded the money
that people payed after failed transfers. Anyone who
would like to know more about this can contact me off the list.

Larry Erlich

DomainRegistry.com Inc.


Mitchell, Champ wrote:
They are a group that has been deceiving people for years. We have been
their primary target. The U.S. FTC issued an order against them some
time back. However, they are, or were at the time at least, a Canadian
company. I do not know where they are domesticated today. So the FTC's
order has been by and large meaningless.
Over the years ICANN has had the opportunity to address this issue, even
though DROA is not a registrar, and has failed to do so. They have had
DROA raised to them by name as a clear example of why fraudulent
transfers should be their concern. The registrars DROA has used, some of
whom will be recipients of this email, have been the knowing recipients
of deceptively transferred names. I am certain of this because we have
given evidence of the deception to some of their sponsoring registrars,
including customer statements saying the customer had no intention of
transferring their domains, and some of those registrars have continued
to participate in the fraud.
Today it appears unquestionable that their registrar is just a front for
them. We have informed ICANN of this and ICANN has done nothing. This is
one of the reasons why ICANN's claim that it wants to be a regulator
falls on deaf ears with us. Their failure to act and enforce the RAA
when they can to the clear benefit of the consuming public and of honest
registrars, and which among other things would allow them to remove the
accreditation of DROA's captive registrar, is a clear example of actions
belying words.

Anytime you have a transfer based on DROA or their registrar the
probabilities approach a certainty that it is fraudulent.
It is distressing as you indicate. However, that is part of the shape of
this industry and of ICANN, and it is why registrars must always be on
guard to protect their registrants. There are a lot of good people in
this industry. However, there are an unfortunate number of dishonest
ones also.
W. G. Champion Mitchell
Chairman & CEO
Network Solutions Inc.
(703) 668-5200
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Dear Registrars:

I received the attached solicitation from Domain Registry of America.

They make it sound as though they have some rights over the present

I think it is a very bad, unethical act on their part, who ever they may

Regards, BobC

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