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Re: [registrars] Re: panix.com hijacked

Here's the notice from panix.net (I think they are round robining
to 3 ips and this notice may only be on 1 or 2 of them):

Status as of Sat Jan 15 22:04:33 EST 2005

Panix's main domain name, panix.com, has been hijacked by parties unknown.
The ownership of panix.com was moved to a company in Australia, the actual
DNS records were moved to a company in the United Kingdom, and panix.com's
mail has been redirected to yet another company in Canada. Panix staff are
currently working around the clock to recover our domain, but this may
take until Monday, due to the time differences and difficulties in
reaching responsible parties over the weekend.

For most customers, accesses to Panix using the panix.com domain will not
work or will end up at a false site.

As a temporary workaround, you can use the panix.net domain in place of
panix.com. In other words, if you're trying to log onto "shell.panix.com"
or see your mail at "mail.panix.com," use "shell.panix.net" or
"mail.panix.net" instead. However, you should only change the names of
hosts that you connect to or your return address: the name you use to
login to our mail servers, username@xxxxxxxxx, should stay the same.

Mail to username@xxxxxxxxx is currently being redirected to the false site
, and should be considered lost or compromised if it does not arrive in
your Panix mailbox. If you have online accounts that authenticate via
email address, you might wish to protect them against fraud by changing
that address to your username "@panix.net".

When contacting hosts that use SSL security (URLs that begin with "https"
rather than "http", or SSL-wrapped services such as secure SMTP, secure
IMAP, or secure POP), you will see a hostname error. The server will
present a certificate that says it is "something.panix.com", and your
browser or mail program, which expects to see "something.panix.net", will
complain about the mismatch. This is an expected consequence of using the
"panix.net" workaround. If you have urgent concerns that are not addressed
by this message, you can contact us by calling +1 (212) 741-4400, and
pressing 0. (You may need to leave a message for us, but we're checking
frequently.) For less-than urgent concerns, please write to us at

Mark Jeftovic <markjr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Co-founder, easyDNS Technologies Inc.
ph. +1-(416)-535-8672 ext 225
fx. +1-(416)-535-0237

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