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Re: [registrars] Re: panix.com hijacked

On 1/16/2005 12:29 AM Mark Jeftovic noted that:

There's a thread on NANOG to the effect that panix.com has been
hijacked from Dotster over to MelbourneIT and it has pretty
well taken panix.com and its customers offline, see

I don't see what you are looking at - .net and .com point to the same place with no indication of anything awry...of course, I'm late to the game and the DNS probably tells a different story...

Looks like this may be among the first high-profile unauthorized
transfer under the new transfer policy.

Looks like a bunch of guys on the NANOG list engaging in a lot of conjecture without the benefit of a lot of facts.

Maybe there needs to some sort of emergency reversion where at least the
nameservers can be rolled back immediately while the contesting parties
sort it out.

Might be interesting - what criteria would trigger the process?



"In the modern world the intelligence of public opinion is the one indispensable condition for social progress."
	- Charles W. Eliot (1834 - 1926)

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