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Re: [net-com] Re: Draft report version 4

On 2004-05-24 11:31:58 +0200, Cary Karp wrote:

> Extrapolating from the numbers Jeff provided, the
> registrar-registrant price can't be expected to reflect lower
> registry-to-registrar pricing.

With all due respect, the data by Jeff may be useful rhetorical
tools -- but they certainly don't prove anything; extrapolation
based on these data looks like risky business.  What about
registrars obtaining new accreditations? What about registrars
trying out different business models?  What about registrars getting
a little more wiggle room for competing?

But anyway, let's, for the moment, assume your interpretation of the
data is currect.  How would this justify *not* minimizing
registry-to-registrar pricing, all other things equal?  How would it
justify giving carte blanche to bidders for proposing nebulous
"enhancements" that then lead to higher registry-level pricing?

Thomas Roessler  <roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
At-Large Advisory Committee: http://alac.info/

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