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Re: [ga] Additional Resources

I should point out we still don't have the power to modify the membership list of the GA. I can make decisions but can not act on them. I don't have access to the interface required to exercise the powers of the list rules. Not complaining - just making a point of pointing out the obvious.

joe baptista

Hugh Dierker wrote:

If we did not require assistance for voting and did our own monitoring: How much is there for the resources of the GNSO to do? Unsubscribing and subscribing for malfeasance, and announcing to us. This is assuming the running of the list, as is currently done, remains generally the same. Someone please fill me in on anything else for which we could use the resources.
I am of the mind to send a note saying we will not require any more resources.
This will of course come up during the Sept. 6th meeting.
Denise Michel,
"In case the subject should arise, I'd like to clarify that, at this time, no additional staff resources are available, beyond what is currently provided, to support the GA list. The GA list participants' email to the Council may be interpreted as requesting additional resources for more list monitoring, posting removed addresses, and supporting "GA chair elections." We can not accommodate this additional work at this time. Staffing and funding allocation, however, will be reviewed following Board consideration of the "GNSO improvement" recommendations, which could affect the GA list."

Regards,  Denise

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