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[ga] Homeland has found ICANN Members!


"Some countries want to control the Internet for their own purposes" (ex. the US Congress).
"while others want to integrate it into their existing political models", Twomey said. I would say in their own culture. Guess what? Without having for that to integrate the US model an culture in their political and cultural model.

"Although ICANN is based in the United States, the U.S. government does not regulate it, said Jonathan Frankel, director of law enforcement and information sharing policy in the Homeland Security Department's Office of Policy, Planning and International Affairs. The government provides only administrative [police?] oversight to ensure that the organization adequately screens [have you been screened?] new members [BoD Members? Staff? DNS Server voluntaries?] and performs its assigned duties [obey the orders?], Frankel said."

For years we were told ICANN was a no member corporation. But Homeland found them, screened them, makes the permform, and obey.

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