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RE: [ga] Google's SafeSearch is overzealous, blocks innocuous domains

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  • Subject: RE: [ga] Google's SafeSearch is overzealous, blocks innocuous domains
  • From: nainil@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 25 Apr 2004 03:14:47 -0000
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Hi -joop-,

This could be one solution. But how many humans can handle the enormous amount of error requests. If you consider, the number of sites affected by this act of GOOGLE, it is practically impossible for it to keep humans. Also, what if there is an error done by the people hired by Google, "Manual data entry sytem could be a big issue". Plus --> Google would need to design a new interface for it's people to address the issue and make changes in the database. 

The database of google is so big that writing a small code also requires lot of manpower and a very efficient code. Better than that: 1. Google changes it's current SafeSearch code to a more efficient one 2. OR Google for the time being stops SafeSearch option. It would just need to disable the SafeSearch Module.


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Subject: RE: [ga] Google's SafeSearch is overzealous, blocks innocuous domains

At 04:54 p.m. 24/04/2004, Nainil Chheda wrote:

>SafeSearch also marked as unsafe for children JewishSussex.com, a 
>religious Web site; EssexCountyBeeKeepers.org of Topsfield, Mass.;
>BluesExcuse.SouthBurnett.com.au, an Australian blues band's site;
>BassExpert.com; and the Anglo-Saxon history site RomansInSussex.co.uk.

Looks like teething trouble of the new service, rather than "the code 
becoming the law".
As long as the code is not smarter, what Google needs to do is set up a 
complaints' address with a few humans who check the sites over.


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